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HQ Demo also known as High Quality Demo. Basically, it is the so-called Single. With the rapid advancement of technology, the demand for Demo is increasing. Rich music arrangement, clear dubbing vocal recording and basic mixing is a must. Hence, many people rather spend more in order to get high quality demo to pack it as professional level of Single CD. Following is the sample of HQ Demo.

HQ Demo又稱高清試聽帶。基本上它就是所謂的單曲(Single)。隨著科技發展迅速,試聽帶的要求也跟著提高。豐富的編曲、清晰的配唱錄音和基本混音條件絕對少不了。因此,有許多人乾脆再花多一些費用讓高清試聽帶包裝成專業水平的單曲CD。以下是單曲專輯的樣本。

鐵號列車 Old School Demo
我要唱 Old School Demo
思念你 Old School Demo
Green Grass Home HQ Sample
To own a personal album is not hard at all. Perhaps there is some limitation on budget which just not getting enough for a full album. EP album is the best choice if you are in this category. EP (Extended Play) or nowadays the market defines it as “Mini Album” simply means an album which contains more songs than the Single Album; yet it has lesser songs compared to a full album. An EP commonly consists of 3-6 songs. However, the entire packaging (Shooting, Design, Content Coverage, Printing and so on) is identical with the full album. In order to enrich the content of EP, some albums even come with Karaoke, Unplugged or Demo. Following is the sample of EP album.

HQ Demo又稱高清試聽帶。基本上它就是所謂的單曲(Single)。隨著科技發展迅速,試聽帶的要求也跟著提高。豐富的編曲、清晰的配唱錄音和基本混音條件絕對少不了。因此,有許多人乾脆再花多一些費用讓高清試聽帶包裝成專業水平的單曲CD。以下是單曲專輯的樣本。

我知道 Original Track
我知道 Unplugged Track
Full album is the record album that we are familiar with which is no less than 10 songs. Of course the cost for the record album will be higher. The budget for song composition, music arrangement, recording, mixing and post production is based on 10 songs. However, with good arrangement, over budget is avoidable. Overtime recording, continuous amendment are some common factors for over budget. The following are the samples of full album.

HQ Demo又稱高清試聽帶。基本上它就是所謂的單曲(Single)。隨著科技發展迅速,試聽帶的要求也跟著提高。豐富的編曲、清晰的配唱錄音和基本混音條件絕對少不了。因此,有許多人乾脆再花多一些費用讓高清試聽帶包裝成專業水平的單曲CD。以下是單曲專輯的樣本。


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